Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Year Out and Pet Scans are still negative

Thought I would get that info out on the blog, since it has been a while. To those who may have found this, I hope the information is helpful. Posting it was cathartic.


Julie Doll ( said...

Thank you for blogging your journey. Congratulations on kicking Hodgkins' butt! :-) I was just diagnosed at the end of February and had my first ABVD treatment last Friday. I find your story VERY inspirational. I have Hodgkin's mixed-cell 2a & was completely blindsided. How can so much bad stuff be growing inside and you have no stinkin' clue?! Anyway, how often do you have repeat PET scans? Congrats again, and thank you again for your blog.

Roz said...

awesome blog! thanks! you've inspired me to write my own -
thanks for all this info :)

Kelly Kane said...

Congrats on your news! Sorry I'm a bit late, my feeds don't like your blog :)


Evangelia said...

Good evening to everybody!I was very touched by your story and I found it very helpful to me. I am 35 years old, mother of four, I live in Athens, Greece, and I am working as an anaesthesiologist in Athens. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin;s Lymphoma, nodular sclerosis, stage IVB one and a half year ago (may 2008). PET scan after two cycles of BEACOPP was clear, and so was the next one, repeated after two additional BEACOPP cycles and four additional ABVD cycles in January 2009. Since then I think I am in complete remission, although follow up includes only ESR,full blood count and biochemical markers. The bad(?) thing is that I am 20 weeks pregnant, so I cannot have any x-rays or CTs.Besides that symptoms of pregnancy may mask symptoms of possible relapse. Although my doctors (they are excellent- we work in the same hospital) advised me to stop pregnancy,since it happened only 6 months after the last ABVD, my husband and I decided not to do that. We are very anxious about this pregnancy , because there are fears concerning the child's integrity. I am writing here to ask you to pray for me and for my family. I am always being thinking about you and your family since June 2008, when I first "met you" in the web. I think that you and your wife are very courageous persons and you deserve the best. God bless you.
Many greetings from Greece (still a magnificent country).

Jon said...


Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad the blog has been useful. It is great to hear that you continued your pregnancy. I wish you the best on that and future scans. I know a woman in America who actually carried her daughter through her treatments (albeit a scaled down version) and had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

You and your family will be in our prayers.


Evangelia said...

Thanks! God bless you

Evangelia said...

I gave birth to a lovely girl on March 19,2010! Both the baby and her mother enjoy life in excellent health. Thank you for your prayers, concern and helpful site.God bless you and your family.Yours,

Jon said...

Congrats Evangelia,

I am so happy for you and your growing family. How long before you can have your first follow-up scan?

Evangelia said...

Hi, Jon,
I had my first follow-up scan some days ago , it's all clear-thank God!
We'll keep in touch through prayer and
Best regards to your family from my family here in Greece (a country which is struggling against bankrupcy)...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jon, this is Evangelia from Greece!
My 5th daughter's name is Sophia (she was baptized two weeks ago) which in greek means WISDOM.
I wish the best to you and to your family.
Thanks for blogging your story and for sharing your strength with us.

PS what about your follow-up scans?